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Herstoric ABCUn ABC sobre rebeldes, pioneras y visionarias que dieron forma a nuestra historia… y a nuestro futuro!

Un libro para aprender el abecedario. Un libro para que los niños aprendan sobre mujeres de las que desgraciadamente -aún hoy-, no oirán demasiado en el colegio. Un abecedario inspirado e inspirante. La X la dedican a todas las mujeres sobre las que nunca sabremos. Un ABC sobre, talento, lucha, perseverencia, valentía. La primera edición es ya un clásico porque se agotó muy rápido. La venden en Amazon y en la editorial City Lights. Enlace a las 26fotografías aquí.

A la wishlist!

A is for Angela Davis, who never backs down from the fight for justice.
B is for Billie Jean King, who showed the world what female athletes can do.
C is for Carol Burnett, who showed us that funny women can make it big.
D is for Dolores Huerta, who demands dignity and justice for farm workers.
E is for Ella Baker, who shaped the Civil Rights movement from behind the scenes. F is for Florence Griffith-Joyner, who showed us how to run like girl.
G is for the Grimke Sisters, who devoted their lives to the pursuit of freedom and equality for all.
H is for Hazel Scott, whose many talents helped her blaze a bright trail.
I is for Isadora Duncan, who showed us the power of imagination and originality. J is for Jovita Idar, who believed in free and equal education for all children.
K is for Kate Bornstein, who reminds us to bravely claim our true identity.
L is for Lucy Parsons, who fought for the rights of workers and poor people.
M is for Maya Lin, who makes big ideas into beautiful art.
N is for Nellie Bly, who changed the face of journalism—and world travel.
O is for Odetta, who led the way with her powerful voice.
P is for Patti Smith, who put the poetry in punk rock.
Q is for “Queen Bessie” Coleman, who soared above discrimination.
R is for Rachel Carson, who taught us how to respect and protect the Earth.
S is for Sonia Sotomayor, who reminds us to be fair and fierce all at once.
T is for Temple Grandin, who shows us the power of a brilliant mind.
U is for Ursula K. LeGuin, whose books show us that other worlds are possible.
V is for Virginia Apgar, whose invention saves lives every single day.
W is for Wilma Mankiller, who led her people with strength and courage.
X is for the women whose names we don’t know.
Y is for Yuri Kochiyama, who fought for the rights of all people.
Z is for Zora Neale Hurston, who captured the stories and voices of many generations.

Letra X Rad Women Abecedario

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